Click here to read more about re-homing your pet on your own.

We are a no kill facility which means we must have space to accept new animals. We do all of our owner surrenders by appointment, if you need to surrender your animal please follow the directions below. It is likely that we will not be able to take your pet immediately. Please plan ahead when requesting to surrender your pet.

To surrender a pet, please email with the following information:

  • Your Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
  • Type of Pet (Dog or Cat)
  • Sex of animal and whether or not it has been spayed/neutered
  • Pet’s Name, Age, and Breed
  • A Brief Description of the pet (including how long you’ve had the pet and where you initially got the pet)
  • Why you’re surrendering the pet
  • Any Medical History and Vaccine Status
  • Any images of the pet

You can also fax medical records to 941-209-5335

Please note, until all information above is submitted, your pet will not be considered for surrender.