Lexi’s Paw Pals Training

Alexandra “Lexi” Brown was a wonderful caring 10 year-old girl that found working with animals brought joy into her life. She enjoyed spending time at the ranch volunteering with the animals. Her life however, was tragically taken in January 2013, but her commitment and passion lives on in this Paw Pals training program for young adults.

  • In Paw Pals training the focus is on how dogs learn the basic principles of positive reward based training that will be used with all the dogs and cats in the shelter.
  • Because we do not always know how they were treated before they came to us, we want the dogs & cats to learn the approach of people means good things (food).
  • By using this training we can get dogs & cats to offer a good behavior and that will make them more adoptable.

Conditioning for Adoption

  • As you pass through the cottage areas, reward the dogs and cats regardless of their behavior. But do not put your hands in the dog kennels, just toss the treat.
  • Don’t try to coax fearful dogs or cats over or to quiet dogs that are barking. Your goal at this stage is to create a positive association between different people and the dogs and cats.
  • Remember, the treats you give out should be small so there can be many rewards for a good response.